coldwarbaby (coldwarbaby) wrote in bury_lenin,

I come not to bury Lenin, but to supply him with hats

Остановите этот разговор о захоронении! Володя стал частью нашей семьи. Он здесь, мы любим его. Вы не можете иметь его назад, если Вы собираетесь хоронить его.

  ded Morozh

 as Pyotr Zaetz, celebrating Easter with the Potatoheads

  Dressed up as a witch for Halloween Trick or Treating (on bag:  "From each according to treat, to each according to trick.")

  Ready to be your Soviet ex-pat Valentine!

 Cheering on his favorite team football americain, the University of Michigan Wolverines!

  Celebrating important events in his adopted country's history. In picture on hat:  President Richard M. Nixon makes Elvis an honorary federal narcotics officer.  This photograph is just packed with irony.  

 Stumping for the president in the 2004 election race.  Dubya really appreciated the support. 

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